Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - History And Timeline

AI Terms Glossary

Who Is Sherry Turkle?

What Is The Turing Test?

Who Was Alan Turing?

What Is The Trolley Problem?

Who Is Mark Tilden?

How Does 'The Terminator' Represent AI?

Technological Singularity

Milind Tambe


Symbolic Logic

Symbol Manipulation.

Symbol Grounding Problem.

Malware Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence.

What Is Superintelligence AI? Is Artificial Superintelligence Possible?

Spiritual Robots.

Why Software Is Eating The World.

Smart Hotels And Smart Hotel Rooms.

Smart Homes And Smart Cities.

Who Is Aaron Sloman?

Who Was Herbert A. Simon?

Robot Ethics.

Quantum AI.

What Is RoboThespian?

Who Is Rudy Rucker?

Who Was Raj Reddy Or  Dabbala Rajagopal "Raj" Reddy?

AI Product Liability.

Predictive Policing.

The Precision Medicine Initiative.

AI And Post-Scarcity.

Person of Interest(2011–2016), The CBS Sci-Fi Series

The Pathetic Fallacy And Anthropomorphic Thinking.

What Is The PARRY Computer Program?

SVM Or Support Vector Machine For Active Learning or AL - ALSVM.

Who Is Steve Omohundro?

Speech Recognition And Natural Language Processing.

Natural Language Generation Or NLG.

Personhood And Nonhuman Rights.

Who Was Allen Newell?

Who Is Helen Nissenbaum?

What Is The MYCIN Expert System?

Who Is Elon Musk?

What Is The Monte Carlo Simulation Approach?

What Is The MOLGEN Expert System?

What Are Mobile Recommendation Assistants?

What Were The Macy Conferences?

Who Was John McCarthy?

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

Who Was Marvin Minsky?

Biased Data Isn't the Only Source of AI Bias.

Algorithmic Composition And Generative Music.

Giant  Mechanical Brains, Giant Brains, Or Machines That Think.

Who Is  Ben Goertzel (1966–)?

What Is A Group Symbol Associator?

Generative Design.

The General Problem Solver Software.

General and Narrow Categories Of AI.

Gender and Artificial Intelligence.

The Frame Problem.

What Are Expert Systems?

What Is Explainable AI Or XAI?

Who Is J. Doyne Farmer?

Who Is Anne Foerst?

Who Is Martin Ford?

What Are Non-Player Characters and Emergent Gameplay?

What Is AI Embodiment Or Embodied Artificial Intelligence?

Who Is Emily Howell, The AI?

What Is The ELIZA Software?

How Is AI Represented In The Film 'Ex Machina'?

Optical Computing Systems To Speed Up AI And Machine Learning.

What Is The Liability Of Self-Driving Vehicles?

How Do Autonomous Vehicles Leverage AI?

What Is Swarm Intelligence and Distributed Intelligence?

What Is Immortality in the Digital Age?

Who Is Peter Diamandis?

Who Is Daniel Dennett?

AI Emotion Recognition And Emotional Intelligence.

Iterative AI Ethics In Complex Socio-Technical Systems.

What Was The DENDRAL Expert System?

What Is Deep Learning?

What Is The Deep Blue Computer?

Who Is Hugo de Garis?

What Was The Dartmouth AI Conference?

How Is AI Contributing To Cybernetics?

What Is Computer-Assisted Diagnosis?

What Is Computational Neuroscience?

What Is Computational Creativity?

AI Revolution In Cognitive Psychology.

What Is Cognitive Computing?

What Are Cognitive Architectures?

What Are Clinical Decision Support Systems?

Climate Change Crisis And AI.

What Is The Loebner Prize For Chatbots? 

Who Is Lili Cheng?

What Are Robot Caregivers?

What Is The Stop Killer Robots Campaign?

Who Is Ryan Calo?

AI And Effective Doctor-Patient Dialogue. 

What Is The Blue Brain Project (BBP)?

Who Is Nick Bostrom?

Who Is Rodney Brooks?

Who Is Erik Brynjolfsson?

How Has The Blade Runner (1982) Film Envisioned AI Androids?

What Is Biometric Technology?

What Is The State Of Biometric Security And Privacy?

What Are AI Berserkers?

Who Is Tanya Berger-Wolf, And The AI For Wildlife Conservation Software Non-profit Wild Me?

What Is The Asilomar Conference On Beneficial AI?

AI Systems That Are Autonomous Or Semiautonomous. 

Ethics Of Autonomous Weapons Systems.

Autonomy And Complacency In AI Systems.

AI And Robotics In The Battlefield.

What Is Bayesian Inference?

What Is Automatic Film Editing?

What Is Automated Multiphasic Health Testing?

How Can We Live in Peace With AI?

What Is Automated Machine Learning?

What Has Been Isaac Asimov's Influence On AI?

Animal Consciousness, Social Cognition, Soul, And AI.

What Is Algorithmic Error and Bias?

What Is Artificial Intelligence, Alchemy, And Associationism?

What Is The AARON Computer Program?

What Is An AI Winter?

What Is The Advanced Soldier Sensor Information  Systems and Technology (ASSIST)?

How Are Accidents and Risk Assessment Done Using AI?

How Is AI Being Applied To Air Traffic Control?

What Is Artificial General Intelligence?

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is defined as the software representation of generalized human cognitive capacities that enables the ...