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AI Glossary - What Is ARF?


R.R. Fikes created ARF in the late 1960s as a general problem solver.

It used a combination of constraint-satisfaction and heuristic searches.

Fikes also created REF, a problem-statement language for ARF. 

REF-ARF is a procedure-based approach for addressing problems. 

The paper by Fikes presents an attempt to create a heuristic problem-solving software that takes issues expressed in a nondeterministic programming language and finds solutions using constraint fulfillment and heuristic search approaches. 

The usage of nondeterministic programming languages for presenting issues is examined, as well as ref, the language that the problem solver ARF accepts.

Different ref extensions are examined. 

The program's basic framework is detailed in depth, and several options for expanding it are examined. 

In sixteen example problems, the usage of the input language and the behavior of the program are presented and investigated.

The paper discusses Ref2 and POPS, two heuristic problem-solving algorithms. 

Both systems take issues expressed as nondeterministic programming language programs and solve them using heuristic approaches to locate successful program executions. 

Ref2 is built on Richard Fikes' REF-ARF system and includes REF-issue-solving ARF's techniques as well as new methods based on a different representation for the problem context. 

Ref2 may also handle issues involving integer programming. POPS is an updated and expanded version of Ref2 that incorporates goal-directed procedures based on GPS ideas.

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

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