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Potential of Quantum Computing Applications

Despite the threat that the existence of a large-scale quantum computer (an FTQC) poses to information security, the ability of intermediate-scale (NISQ) processors to provide unprecedented computing power in the near future opens up a wide opportunity space, especially for critical Defense Department applications and the Defense technology edge. 

The current availability of NISQ processors has drastically changed the development route for quantum applications. 

As a result, a heuristics-driven strategy has been developed, allowing for significantly greater engagement and industry involvement. 

Previously, quantum algorithm research was mostly focused on a far-off FTQC future, and determining the value of a quantum application needed extremely specialized mathematical abilities. 

We believe that in the not-too-distant future, this will no longer be essential for quantum advantage to be practicable. 

As a result, it will be critical, particularly the Defense Department and other agencies, to have access to NISQ devices, which we anticipate will enable for the development of early mission-oriented applications. 

While NISQ processors do not pose a danger to communications security in and of itself, this recently obtained intermediate regime permits quantum hardware and software development to be merged under the ‘quantum advantage' regime for the first time, potentially speeding up progress. 

This emphasizes the security apparatus's requirement for a self-contained NISQ capability.

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