Quantum Computing's Future Outlook.


Corporate executives from all sectors should plan for quantum computing's development. 

I predict that quantum-computing use cases will have a hybrid operating model that is a mix of quantum and traditional high-performance computing until about 2030. 

  • Quantum-inspired algorithms, for example, may improve traditional high-performance computers. 
  • In order to develop quantum hardware and allow greater—and more complex—use cases beyond 2030, intensive continuous research by private enterprises and governmental organizations will be required
  • The route to commercialization of the technology will be determined by six important factors: finance, accessibility, standards, industry consortia, talent, and digital infrastructure. 

Outsiders to the quantum-computing business should take five tangible measures to prepare for quantum computing's maturation: 

  • With an in-house team of quantum-computing specialists or by partnering with industry organizations and joining a quantum-computing consortium, keep up with industry advances and actively screen quantum-computing application cases. 
  • Recognize the most important risks, disruptions, and opportunities in their respective businesses. 
  • Consider partnering with or investing in quantum-computing players (mainly software) to make knowledge and expertise more accessible. 
  • Consider hiring quantum-computing experts in-house. Even a small team of up to three specialists may be sufficient to assist a company in exploring prospective use cases and screening potential quantum computing strategic investments. 
  • Build a digital infrastructure that can handle the fundamental operational needs of quantum computing, store important data in digital databases, and configure traditional computing processes to be quantum-ready whenever more powerful quantum hardware becomes available. 

Every industry's leaders have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to keep on top of a generation-defining technology. 

The reward might be strategic insights and increased company value.

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

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