Quantum Computing - Enter Quantinuum!

Honeywell and quantum software company Cambridge Quantum have finalized a transaction in which Honeywell's Quantum Solutions branch was split off and combined with Cambridge Quantum to become Quantinuum. 

The agreement, which was revealed around six months ago, helped to stoke interest in quantum-related investment, IPOs, and acquisitions. 

We'll have to wait and watch what happens once Honeywell sends Quantinuum out into the world with up to $300 million in cash. 

Q-CTRL, a company that focuses on quantum computing control and software solutions, has announced a $25 million fundraising round led by Airbus Ventures and other investors. 

Airbus' involvement is unsurprising, given the aerospace and military industries provide some near-term commercial prospects for quantum computing applications. 

Quantum spin liquids are a type of magnet matter with spinning electrons that, when frozen, becomes a "fluctuating" solid, according to a team of Harvard-led researchers. 

They appear to have nothing to do with liquid as we know it, but are a form of magnet matter with spinning electrons that, when frozen, becomes a "fluctuating" solid. 

This might lead to more durable qubits. 

This week, Google AI highlighted a recent experiment with time crystals. 

A time crystal includes layers of atoms in an oscillating pattern "made in time," while seeming like something comic book heroes could use to travel around the multiverse. 

Google's Sycamore quantum processor was used to prove that these time crystals may be seen. 

According to a blog post, "observing a time crystal reveals how quantum computers might be utilized to examine unique physical phenomena that have perplexed scientists for years." 

"Moving from theory to observation is a fundamental step that forms the basis of each scientific breakthrough. 

This kind of research opens the door to a slew of new experiments, not only in physics, but potentially in a variety of other domains as well..." 

Finland has officially entered the space race for quantum computing. 

Quantum computing start-up and Finland's VTT Technical Research Centre The country's first operational 5-qubit quantum computer, according to IQM, is up and running. 

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